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China's high-grade CNC machine tool with self-developed nc system for the first time
  issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:471
On August 1, 2009, shenyang machine tool group, announced that they successfully developed on behalf of the international first-class level of fei Yang CNC system and realize industrialization, marking the Chinese basic mastered the synchronization with the modern world's advanced level of core technology of numerical control system.
Configuration is fei Yang CNC system from this year, shenyang machine tool in high-grade products to market to the batch, Chinese high-grade CNC machine fitted with China self-developed nc system for the first time, China began to have a full sense of high-grade CNC machine tool products independently.
Previously, auto parts production line in shenyang aerospace xinguang group, configuration fei Yang the 10 sets of vertical machining center CNC system products have been constantly running 24 hours a day for more than two months.
Is known as the "brain" of the CNC machine tool numerical control system, is the most core parts of nc machine tool, the value accounts for about 30% of the cost of the whole machine. In the past, Chinese high-grade CNC machine tool configuration of nc systems all rely on imports, shenyang machine tool group, mainly from Germany's Siemens numerical control system.
Shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou tells a reporter, was determined to organization developed CNC system, is to realize the numerical control machine tool "body" and "brain".
Numerical control system of the agent to no longer do foreign producers, Chinese nc machine tools must be put on their "brain", first of all, to break through the foreign manufacturers in the field of CNC system developed strict technology blockade. In domestic haven't under the condition of machine tool enterprises try to self-developed nc system, shenyang machine tool group bravely with the "China first". They introduced the numerical control system design and manufacture in the world's top level of the Italian dia company technology, using 3 years time, after digestion, absorption and innovation, the technical personnel mastered the core technology of a number of numerical control system, including real-time control technology, servo control algorithm and the digital bus technology, successfully developed for machining center F0M and used in the numerical control lathe F0T two series of products, more in the future high starting point to build their own numerical control system hardware and software platform, laid the technical foundation for subsequent research and development and innovation.