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Carbon emissions ", under the constraint of China machine tool industry or to hide
  issuing data:2016-6-18     Views:509
Carbon emissions is a big lie, is a western kill represented by China's emerging power, to keep the west dominated the world means, just over the name of environmental protection.
Carbon emissions from industrial production, "said" lead to global warming, the claim has not yet confirmed by the mainstream scientific research institution. In earth's history, when the temperature higher than now, when the temperature lower than they are now, in fact the temperature of the earth is always in change, the arctic is not always white snow world, today there changes little influence on the human, the main reason is caused by solar activity, it is the mainstream research achievements of scientific research institutions.
So why the us-led western to throw at this time the concept of "carbon emissions"?
One, the world is about to change in recent years, China's economic development to the attention of the world's pace, even if is triggered by the financial tsunami, has failed to make China the train stop speeding economy; Not only that, in the financial crisis in 2008-2009, instead of China in many ways show the incredible vitality, DGP total close to Japan or overtake Japan and become the world's second-largest economy.
In economic life, Chinese products such as a flood swept the world, make the traditional world economic power, increase in unemployment is inevitable. By the free economy and global integration is proposed in the western world, increasingly to embarrass themselves, against free economy, against the global integration, is playing himself mouth. But like to let this situation continue, significant changes in the pattern of the world is bound to. How can good will "in the western world.
The United States is the world's new rules of the game, with strength to use the rules of the game to handle latecomers. Is defeated by the United States, Japan, the United States and European Allies, forcing the yen, Japan has experienced 20 years of economic stagnation, yet out of the mire. Now it is using the same technique on the one hand, forcing the appreciation of the renminbi, to trade protection on the other hand, in order to suppress the development of China "carbon emissions" is a winner.
Second, the carbon emissions is a stem Chinese sword in addition to make RMB appreciation and trade protectionism, one of America's most is offering a "carbon emissions" this sword.
America not the kui is one of the world, "carbon emissions" this recruit let little brother who resonate with many around the world, China will know that this is a trap, both also have to take that, because if not, it will say China's irresponsible, let the world environmental degradation; If, then the United States is a big winner, because first of all, emissions trading is settled in dollars, so that America is firmly kidnapped countries around the world and economy, make the dollar more consolidation; Second, the United States and western countries can be the opportunity to sell emissions reduction technology to developing countries; Third, China's export commodities are paying carbon tax, the west, while China and developing countries became a coolie work for them, because they are from you export goods to the name of "carbon emissions" "protection". How clever, is "carbon emissions" not to kill blood; In the "carbon emissions", China and other developing countries will be "carbon emissions" squeezing gradually weak, always can't get rid of the fate of American little brother.
China's machine tool industry wants relatively a few lucky because the export of Chinese machine tool industry is not the dominant industry, China's domestic demand is large enough, long enough, this will determine the China machine tool industry still has a larger development space, do not need to pay for "carbon emissions". Not only that, the Chinese market demand for machine tools will bring momentum for the global machine tool industry, China's demand for a long period of time become the main reason for the global machine tool industry development, including the United States and other western countries.
But one thing I also very worried, the whole of China is the victim of a "carbon emissions" machine tool industry and how do you can? Have any of the overburden nest under the eggs